We build applications in a modern service platform with advanced Salesforce App Cloud tools. With the deployment of applications in Salesforce, quality attributes are acquired in a natural way that in a traditional scheme are highly expensive to develop and maintain: Security, Large Scale Performance and High Availability.

What can be developed?

  • Highly productive transactional web applications.
  • Native mobile apps for different operating systems.
  • Mobile apps with collaboration tools at no additional cost.
  • A marketplace to sell products.
  • Ideas admin module at no additional cost.
  • Tailor-made modules.
  • Key Differences

    • Building apps, reports, and dashboards is easy because your data is integrated right into Salesforce
    • Built fast, changes are easy. Its component-based architecture makes it easy to build an app with drag and drop tools.
    • It is automatically deployed in mobiles, desktops and tablets. Connected with your data.
    • Apps developed on Salesforce come with inherent quality attributes that otherwise would be highly expensive to develop and maintain
    • Security, high scale and performance, highly available

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