Software Development

Need a way to extend the functionality of your existing software  without writing everything from sratch?

 Heinsohn Corp Software development is used for companies that have unique business processes that aren't easily mapped to specific technology products. It's an effective approach if developed with the right technologies. We craft custom software with existing software in your company For unique ideas and business models, sometimes it's necessary to start from scratch. If you are a business who needs better software to fit around your actual one, custom software development is treated in modular ways: We build-out custom components where necessary, and seamlessly integrate existing products to minimize your risk, overall project timeline, and cost of implementing.  

Do you have multiple systems and multiple technology piled up and want to translate it in real-time data?

We turn your concepts and specifications into business software that meets the highest quality secure standards. “From first prototype to finished product, we take full responsibility for developing and managing the entire project.”

Our software development is robust, flexible, portable to different platforms, and able to interact with third party products.

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